Awqaf in Kuwait is as old as Kuwait itself and considered one of the features of the Islamic identity of the country. The benefactors of the people of Kuwait used to build Mosques as an act of kindness and goodness for the sake of God Almighty encourage Muslims to perform prayers in groups in Mosques through establishing them in each neighborhood. Many of those blessed used to recommend allocating one third of their heritage to build Mosques.

The first generation of almsgivers from the people of Kuwait did not suffice by simply building Mosques; they built mosques and fully furnished them at their own expense in some other cities and capitals; to be a refuge for slaves of God and the righteous people, and to perform prayers and to uphold the word of God. In addition, they used to endow properties of real estate and land that generate proceeds to spend on those mosques or to be allocated to workers in such Mosques.