the Bank of Water Supply
The Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him) said: (In every body with a wet liver a reward), narrated by Al Bukhari.
وصف المصرف To pay the cost of providing drinking water and their containers, and making them readily available to the public
سياسة المصرف 1. Forms of Implementation of the Bank of Water Supply, and components of each kind: 1stKind: The Public Water Cooler and its contents • The Cooler or refrigerator • A cage for protection, made of iron or Fiber Glass or Building • The electric and sanitary fixtures • The provision of electricity and water. • Two metal cups for drinking the water • Metal chains to attach the cups 2nd Kind: The (cooled bottles and cups), and its contents: • The Cooler or refrigerator • The electric fixtures • Bottled Mineral Water • Plastic drinking vessels (Cups) with the name of the Donor imprinted thereon. 3rd Kind: (wells) and their contents • Drilling of the well • The circular concrete wall around the well • The bucket and rope and their equipment