Bank of Orphan Guardianship
The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: (I and the orphan' supporter will be in Paradise like that) and he pointed with his index finger and middle finger, and made an opening between them – narrated by Al Bukhari.
وصف المصرف To care for the poor Muslim orphans with the aim of achieving the following: 1 To teach intensively the principles of the Islamic religion and sound doctrine in the mind and conscience of the orphan 2 To provide necessary housing 3 To provide a healthy environment and proper nutrition and also provide education for the prevention and treatment of diseases 4 To provide appropriate clothing. 5 To provide aspects of love, compassion and a family environment 6 To provide educational care to orphans until the completion of his education or training professionally and prepare them to face life challenges. Contents of Bank of Orphans Guardianship Everything that would help in fulfilling the aforementioned objectives of the Bank.
سياسة المصرف 1- To contain a number of orphans (according to the proceeds) and to continue taking care of them until they reach the age of eighteen, or until they become rich. Also not to distribute money to orphans without being contained on a permanent basis. 2- Priority shall be given to the orphans who have no supporters at all 3- Priority shall be given to the orphan who lost his parents, then to the orphan who has only lost his father