Kiswah(Clothes) Bank
Kuwait Awqaf Public Foundation in this bank provides clothes for the poor and needy people.
وصف المصرف By Usama bin Zaid (may Allah be pleased with him) said: “The Prophet of Allah (Peace be upon Him) clothed me with a dense tapestry, one that was gifted to him by Dhiya al-Kalbi, so I clothed my wife with it, so the The Prophet of Allah (Peace be upon Him) asked me: “Why you did not wear the tapestry. I said: “O Prophet of Allah, I clothed my wife with it.” (Narrated by Ahmad) Definition of Kiswah (Clothes) Bank: Providing clothes for the poor and needy from the following segments: 1. Abstinent families. 2. Low income individuals. 3. Widows and divorced women. 4. Orphans under the age of eighteen. 5. New converts into Islam. 6. Labours. 7. Travelling Passengers.
سياسة المصرف 1. The Kiswah (Clothes) shall be complete, new, and suitable for the average social position of the state. 2. One Kiswah (Clothes)is spent once during the season in which the application was submitted and it shall be appropriate for the season of the year, and the seasons of the year considered are winter and summer only. 3. The application must be renewed and the case must be studied each time.