Bank of Hajj and Umrah
God Almighty said: says: (and complete the Hajj and Umrah in the service of God}.
وصف المصرف

To pay the expenses of Hajj or Umrah to those whom are eligible to perform on behalf of himself if he was insolvent, or to perform it on behalf of the Donor who made a condition in his Waqf Deed that Hajj or Umrah would be performed on his behalf.
سياسة المصرف

(1) The priority of payment shall be given to the Hajj (Pilgrimage) 
(2) The priority of payment shall be given to the Hajj of the insolvent who did not perform Hajj before 
(3) The priority for Hajj or Umraj shall be given to men 
(4) The contracting of Hajj and Umrah campaigns shall be limited to the Kuwaiti campaigns approved by the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs 
(5) Kuwait Awqaf Public Foundation shall give all amounts (the cost and the offering of the sacrifice) to the campaign of Hajj and Umrah, and the Hajj or Umrah performer would sign a certain Form in which he pledges to perform the rituals properly.
Bank of Hajj and Umrah Services 
(1) The cost of Hajj and Umrah
(2) The amount of offering for a sacrifice The Conditions required in the Hajj: 
(1) To be a person eligible to perform the Islamic pilgrimage by himself, by being a Muslim of full age and sound mind 
(2) To be credible and reliable, and in this context to manifest integrity is enough. 
(3) To have a healthy body able to perform the acts of Hajj or Umrah.
(4) To be capable of understanding the basic elements of Hajj and Umrah and their duties and norms in order to perform them properly.
(5) The Hajj who is conducting on behalf of the Donor is required to have already performed the religious obligation of Hajj on behalf of himself, and is not required to be insolvent.