Practice Number:       ​
​Practice Notice:          ​​​01-2023
Practice Description:​Concerning the additional work for of the waqf management system for the Kuwait Awqaf Public Foundation​
Closing Date:  26/03/2023

Practice Number:       ​
​Practice Notice:          ​​​17-2022-2023
Practice Description:Concerning the maintenance of the waqf management​ system for the Kuwait Awqaf Public Foundation
Closing Date:  08/03/2023​

Practice Number:       ​
​Practice Notice:          ​​​03-2022-2023
Practice Description:​Concerning the purchase, supply and installation of a fire wall for the Kuwait Awqaf Public Foundation
Closing Date:  08/01/2023​

​Practice Number:       ​
​Practice Notice:          ​​​06-2022-2023
Practice Description:​Concerning licenses for special systems to protect the network, user devices and e-mail​
Closing Date:  05/01/2023

Practice Number:       ​
​Practice Notice:          ​​​16-2022-2023
Practice Description:​Concerning the purchase of the infoblox program
Closing Date:  ​​05/01/2023

Practice Number:       ​
​Practice Notice:          ​​​05-2022-2023
Practice Description:​Concerning the maintenance of information security devices and the detection of security gaps
Closing Date:  22/12/2022​

Practice Number:       ​
​Practice Notice:          ​​​14-2022-2023
Practice Description:​Concerning renting a storage space​
Closing Date:  22/12/2022​

Practice Number:       ​
​Practice Notice:          ​​​02-2022-2023
Practice Description:​Concerning the supply, installation and operation of personal computers, printers and scanners.​
Closing Date:  11/12/2022​

​Practice Number:       ​07/2022-2023
​Practice Notice:          07-2022-2023
Practice Description:Concerning the provision of internet service to link between the KAPF and the alternative site
Closing Date:  11/12/2022

​Practice Number:       ​09/2022-2023
​Practice Notice:          9-2022-2023
Practice Description:Concerning the purchase and renewal of manage engine programs for (KAPF)
Closing Date:  02/11/2022

​Practice Number:       ​01/2022-2023
​Practice Notice:          1-2022-2023
Practice Description:Concerning the provision of advisory services in the field of technical support to (KAPF)
Closing Date:  22/05/2022