The AWQAF Journal aspires to host a variety of works related to the endowment (Waqf) field such as charitable activities, voluntary work, and community development projects. The journal reaches out to those interested in participating, in order to meet the challenges that obstruct the development of society.

          The journal is pleased to invite writers and researchers to contribute in one of three languages (Arabic, English and French) to the material related to the objectives of the journal. The AWQAF Journal aims to broaden its horizons through studies, book reviews, academic dissertation abstracts, coverage of seminars and the deliberation of ideas covered.

          Material intended for publication in the AWQAF Journal should consider the following:  

  • Material should not have been previously published in any journal, whether in print or digital format.
  • Material should maintain academic ethics and integrity.
  • Research should be between 4,000 and 10,00 words, to which   a summary of 150 words in both Arabic and a foreign language is attached. Research meant for publication shall undergo academic refereeing.
  • Researchers should attach an originality report with their work submissions.
  • Articles should be between 2,000 and 4,000 words.
  • The journal accepts book presentations and priority is given to modern publications. Reviews and revisions should be between 500 and 1,000 words. Presentations should include the main ideas of the book, author, publisher, year, and version. Presentations should consider analysis using the scientific method, creating interest in the essence of the book and its chapters, and assessing it in light of other relevant works.
  • The journal accepts coverage of seminars and conferences, provided that a report mentioning the organizing body, the subject, place and date of the seminar, and the main ideas in surveys be submitted. Any recommendations from the seminar should be stressed on, together with indicating activities (if any) conducted with the seminar.
  • Published and unpublished material sent to the journal will not be returned.
  • The journal is authorized to re-publish material in whole or in part, in its original language or translated. This is carried out without referring to the author for permission. Authors are entitled to publish their work after it appears in the journal on condition that mention of its previous publication be stated.
  • Researchers shall receive a financial remuneration for their work that has been approved for publication, in addition to 20 offprints.
  • Failure to meet academic integrity through plagiarism will result in the rejection of any current or future contributions to the journal.
  • Researchers can use their work how they see fit after it appears in the journal, provided the journal is informed.
  • The journal reserves the right to publish the material according to its plan.
  • Any material published in the AWQAF Journal expresses the opinions of the authors and not necessarily those of the journal.
  • All correspondence should be sent to:

AWQAF Editor in Chief,

P.O.BOX 482 Safat, 13005 Kuwait

Tel: (00965) 22065756 Fax: (00965) 22542526